Amazon Raises Wages – Your Move, Walmart

Amazon Raises Wages – Your Move, Walmart

November 5, 2018

Bigger paychecks await Amazon’s 250,000 employees as well as 100,000 seasonal workers.

Just in time for the holidays, Amazon’s new $15/hour wage kicks off November 1.  Competition for seasonal workers is high among retailers, with the nation’s unemployment at 3.9%, and Amazon hopes higher wages will entice more and better quality workers.  Amazon hopes to set a trend in the retail industry and plans to lobby the federal government to raise the minimum wage for all workers.   Waging war on Walmart’s $11/hour pay boost that took place last February, Amazon raised the bar significantly.

Other competitors like Target have also responded to public pressure to raise its minimum wage, which moved to $12/hour in September and is set to hit $15/hour by 2020.  It remains to be seen what impact this will have longer term on the prices customers pay, but as one of America’s largest employers, Amazon’s actions will put a few more presents under the tree this holiday season.

Video Spotlight: Amazon hikes minimum wage to $15 an hour for US employees

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