Robot Burgers in San Francisco

Robot Burgers in San Francisco

September 14, 2018

Try the new $6 burger. It’s made by a robot in the new Creator restaurant in San Francisco.

The robot uses over 350 sensors and 20 computers to make the customizable burger.  The restaurant is only open part-time at the moment, but plans to open full-time in September.  All of the ingredients are locally sourced.

Currently, four kinds of hamburgers are being made by the robot.  But in the future, customers will be able to control how much sauce and seasonings will be added by the robot.  Inherently, all of the sides are made by humans, and the ordering process is manual as well.

Video Spotlight: Robots Are Making Burgers in San Francisco

This post is based on the NPR article, Fad or the Future? Robot-Made Burgers Wow the Crowds in San Francisco, by Anna Mantzaris, August 24, 2018; and the YouTube video, World’s First Entirely Robotic Restaurant | Robots are Making Burgers in San Francisco, by Prep4School, June 23, 2018. Image source: Shutterstock / Palto.

Discussion Questions:

1. Why use a robot for making a hamburger?

Guidance: At the moment, the appeal is the novelty of the robot.  But, one Continue reading