The Logistics of Direct-to-Consumer

The Logistics of Direct-to-Consumer

November 22, 2017

Article Title: Making eCommerce Logistics Fulfillment Channels Work in Today’s Direct-to-Consumer Market

Author of Article: Jagged Peak

Date of article: November 13, 2017

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This article describes the direct-to-consumer (D2C) market development.  Established companies will need to develop new D2C distribution channels without upsetting the retail distribution relationships.  Start-up firms must develop the logistics systems to meet growth in the D2C market.  All firms must develop customer relationships that add value in order to compete in the D2C marketplace.

Discussion Questions
1. In the D2C market, what are “virtual service relationship” service delivery considerations for an established firm?

Guidance: Review service delivery design considerations and customer relationship management. Students could then develop a service-blueprint to identify areas to add value to the customer relationship and to address service recovery systematically.

2. What are the logistics design considerations for a start-up firm entering the D2C market? How would international sales change the logistics planning?

Guidance: Students may develop a value stream map of a proposed lean supply chain for a start-up firm.  It may be helpful to have the students choose a new product or find a small firm in a Continue reading