Samsung: Another Blockchain Convert

Samsung: Another Blockchain Convert

Samsung Electronics Co. is planning to cut shipping costs by 20% with the use of a blockchain ledger system to track its global shipments.  The blockchain system reduces documentation costs, shipping paperwork, and time to coordinate with port authorities.

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This post is based on the Bloomberg article, Samsung Jumps on the Blockchain Bandwagon, by Sam Kim, April 15, 2018. Image source: Shutterstock / Gorodenkoff.

Discussion Questions:

1. What benefits does the blockchain ledger system have for Samsung’s global operations?

Guidance: This ledger system will enable Samsung to track global shipments worth tens of billions of dollars a year, cut shipping costs by 20%, reduce lead time between product launches and shipments, and better respond to competition and customer demand.

2. What impacts does blockchain have on information management in manufacturing supply chains?

Guidance: Transactions are recorded, verified and shared more securely, efficiently, and cost effectively.