F-35 Supply Chain Issues

F-35 Supply Chain Issues

Spare parts shortages, logistics problems in the global parts network, and repair backlogs are among some of the supply chain issues with the US Marine Corps’ fighter jet program that kept F-35s grounded 30% of the time during an eight-month period in 2018.

To better manage the F-35 supply chain, the GAO offered eight recommendations, including a comprehensive review of the supply chain.  Lockheed Martin is working on strengthening its subcontractor relationships to improve parts availability for the F-35.

This post is based on the United Press, International (UPI) article, F-35s grounded 30 percent of the time, GAO says in parts supply chain analysis, by Ed Adamczyk, April 26, 2019. Image source: jacephoto © 123RF.com

Discussion Questions:

1. How is the grounding of the F-35s a supply chain management issue?

Guidance: The delays for parts needed to repair the fighter jet were caused by lack of availability of parts from suppliers (sourcing), logistics problems with the global parts network (moving), and incompatible parts being ordered (making), reflecting poor management of the parts’ supply chain.

2. Does the unique design of the F-35 contribute to the complexity of managing the supply chain for the US Marine Corps? Continue reading