Package Deliveries Clog City Streets

Package Deliveries Clog City Streets

January 26, 2020

Over 1.5 million packages are delivered daily in New York City.

Same-day delivery from companies like Amazon, and the increasing movement of people and food deliveries by Uber, Lyft, and other companies, are all adding to New York’s traffic congestion.

The city is considering ways to curb the traffic.  One approach is to restrict the number of taxis, Uber and Lyft drivers, coupled with better mass transit.

Congestion pricing is another.  This charges vehicles fees to enter the city (or area) with the fee possibly changing based on congestion or anticipated congestion.  Bridges to New York City already charge tolls.

Plans for congestion pricing are already underway, with possible introduction by as early as 2021.

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This post is based on the Fast Company article, One-Day Deliveries Are Breaking Our Cities, by Jasper Dekker, December 23, 2019; the TT News article, NYC Creeps Ahead on Congestion Fees, Raising Doubts on Deadline, by Henry Goldman, December 27, 2019; and the YouTube videos in the Continue reading