KFC’s Limited-Time Menu

KFC’s Limited-Time Menu

September 29, 2019

KFC has been utilizing its limited-time menu by launching 3 chicken sandwiches over the summer and early fall 2019.

In July, the company released its Cheetos Chicken sandwich.  In late August, KFC introduced the plant-based Beyond Chicken sandwich (okay, so technically it isn’t chicken), which sold out in a matter of hours (see our OM In The News post about it.).  And in September, KFC introduced its KFC & Doughnuts sandwich—replacing the bun with doughnuts.

In all three cases, the items were/are available only for a limited time.

Video Spotlight: KFC debuts new chicken and donut sandwich

This post is based on the Washington Post article, KFC’s New Fried Chicken and Doughnut Sandwich Is Terrifying and Delicious, by Emily Heil, September 24, 2019; the Washington post article, KFC’s Cheetos Chicken Sandwich Looks Toxic and Tastes Like A Missed Opportunity, by Maura Judkis, July 17, 2019; and the YouTube video, KFC debuts new chicken and donut sandwich, by WCNC, September 18, 2019. Image source: Pixtal/AGE Fotostock

Discussion Questions:

1. What Operations Management problems does a limited-time menu present?

Guidance: Limited-time menu items presents several problems from an operations management perspective.  One Continue reading