Avocado Shortage Looming?

Avocado Shortage Looming?

April 8, 2019

President Trump is suggesting that the U.S.-Mexican border be closed unless Mexico assists with reducing the number of illegal immigrants reaching the border.

Beyond the humanitarian impacts, closing a border can have many impacts on supply chains. Hitting the news is the looming avocado shortage that would take place if the border is closed. Within three weeks, avocados would not be available, or in very limited supply, in the United States.

This is far from the first time an avocado shortage has made headlines. In 2014, with Chile and California facing drought, and gangs blocking production and delivery of avocados in Mexico,  news spread of a potential avocado shortage.   In 2016, a growers’ strike in Mexico led to a shortage. And in November 2018, a dispute between growers and packers threatened another shortage.

Avocados represents only one of the products that would be impacted.  Other fruits, car parts which flow in both directions, and refined gas shipped to Mexico, would also be affected.

Video Spotlight: Trump reiterates threat to close U.S.-Mexican border

This post is based on the Newsbusters.org article, Holy Guacamole! MSNBC Fears Avocado Crisis if Trump Closes Border, by Kyle Drennen, April 1 Continue reading