Waffle House Disaster Recovery Index

Waffle House Disaster Recovery Index

September 21, 2019

Waffle House views disaster recovery as an important part of its business.  The company believes that having a Waffle House restaurant open after a disaster helps the community.

Part of it is the customers that are used to Waffle House being open 24/7/365.  The restaurant being open gives people a sense of normalcy in a crisis.  Additionally, it’s for employees (which Waffle House calls associates).  If the locations aren’t open, employees aren’t making a living.  As a result, Waffle House strives to keep restaurants open, or to re-open them as quickly as possible.

To accomplish this, Waffle House creates a storm center in preparation for a disaster.  At their headquarters, a conference room is turned into an operations center.  A team that includes engineers, restaurant operators, food safety experts, and a meteorologist work together to adjust their plan to quickly re-open restaurants.

In the field, Jump Teams are ready to deploy to assist restaurants that have been hit by a storm.  These teams include construction workers, restaurant operators, and food providers.  The Jump Teams can be quickly deployed to get the restaurant up and running.  If needed, they bring generators Continue reading