C.F. Martin Awarded B Corp Status

C.F. Martin Awarded B Corp Status

October 3, 2018

C.F. Martin has manufactured guitars and string instruments for over 185 years.  The company is the first musical instrument company to receive B Corp certification.  B Corp is awarded to companies that have a positive impact on society and the environment “focusing just as much on people and the planet as they do profit”.

This post is based on the Digital Music News article, C.F. Martin Becomes the First Instrument Manufacturer to Receive ‘B Corp’ Status, by Ashley King, September 5, 2018. Image source: Westend61/Getty Images.

Discussion Questions:

1. How does B Corp help focus C.F. Martin on the triple bottom line? How is this a potential order winner?

Guidance: Students should review the triple bottom line and order qualifier/winner concepts.  Ask students to do a quick internet search on B Corp standards and C.F. Martin.  Students can then discuss the questions.

2. How would you integrate triple bottom line information for C.F. Martin into a balanced scorecard?

Guidance: Have the class review the balanced scorecard concept.  Student teams could then create a balanced scorecard and compare answers.  Next, ask the students how difficult it may be to sell this Continue reading