Procurement May Need to Buy a Clue

Procurement May Need to Buy a Clue

November 5, 2018

The procurement function should reduce its focus on cost cutting and place more emphasis on supplier collaboration.

Supplier collaboration can lead to shorter new product development, potentially discover value added opportunities for all parties, and potentially lead to new product development itself.

The key is shared data and analytics in a collaborative environment.

This post is based on the Supply Chain Digital article, From periphery to driving force – procurement tech is enabling innovation, by Alex Saric, October 6, 2018 Image source: Shutterstock / Syda Productions.

Discussion Question:

1. What happens to new product development within a company if key suppliers’ only concern is cost reduction?

Guidance: Students should review new product development and sourcing.  What happens to quality if there is excessive cost pressure on suppliers?  Is there incentive for suppliers to provide knowledge and help if costs are the only concern by the buyer?  The students should see that a cost reduction focus on sourcing can lead to many poor outcomes if not coupled with long term partnership arrangements.

2. Will sharing data and analytical outcomes with key suppliers be dangerous to the company? What incentives could be put in Continue reading

Analytics and Restaurants’ Service Package

Analytics and Restaurants’ Service Package

October 10, 2017

Article Title: How restaurants are controlling your experience in ways you may not realize

Author of Article: CBS News, Inc.

Date of article: August 22, 2017

Source URL:

Colors, music, table shape and menu layout are all ways that restaurants shape customer experiences, and influence decisions from how much we’ll spend to how long we’ll stay. And analytics from data-driven software like Upserve can help restaurants figure out what you’ll like before you step foot in the place.  Which helps restaurants increase customer retention and boosts profits.

Discussion Questions
1. What additional analytics applications could be used by a restaurant chain to decrease waiting time for a table?

Guidance: Discussion might focus on productivity measures.

2. What are the elements of a service package for the restaurant(s) described in the article?

Guidance: This is an opportunity to discuss the concept of a service package, especially when purposefully influencing customer decisions.

3. How does the reservation system behave as a waiting line?

Guidance: This may be a discussion about waiting line models, to include fail-safing.