Orange juice to the rescue?

Orange juice to the rescue?

Worried about the flu? Drink orange juice.

Concern about the flu is being attributed to the 0.9% increase in orange juice sales in January.

This OJ increase is the first in nearly five years.  Sales have declined by about 50% since 2001, because the general public has shied away from drinks and juices in general to cut sugar and calories from their diets.

The perception of drinking orange juice to protect from the worst flu season in years is apparently strong enough to boost demand, despite the lack of scientific evidence to support the juice’s flu prevention benefit.

This post is based on the Business Insider article, Terrified Americans are rushing out to buy orange juice after abandoning the drink for years, by Kate Taylor, February 9, 2018.  Image source: Shutterstock / Vanatchanan.

Discussion Questions
1. How can the sudden surge in demand of orange juice be managed effectively?

Guidance: Since juice is based on agricultural production, it may require the length of a growing season to react to the increased demand. For orange juice producers, successful sales and operations planning is needed to balance anticipated demand with production (using an intermediate-range aggregate plan). In Continue reading