Project Management: AI and Human Synergy

April 21, 2019
Project Management: AI and Human Synergy

A new study by Gartner reports that by 2030, 80% of a typical project manager’s tasks will be done via automation and artificial intelligence. This type of program and portfolio management (PPM) software is expected to begin appearing later this year.

Specifically, the study says AI can collect, analyze, and report data much more quickly than people.  Also, rather than using their keyboard and mouse, project managers can more easily query and interface software via chatbots and conversational AI.

Some observers believe that AI will ultimately help project managers be more effective at their jobs. AI’s aren’t expected to perform the “human” elements of the job, such as advising clients, leading project teams, and offering empathy and human interaction.

Video Spotlight: AI might create more jobs than it destroys

This post is based on the Tech Republic article, Will AI lead project managers to the unemployment line?, by Moira Alexander, March 28, 2019; the ITWeb article, AI to eliminate 80% of project management tasks, by Staff Writer, March 25, 2019; and the Tech Republic video, AI might create more jobs than it destroys, Alison DeNesco, November 14, 2017. Image source: Shutterstock / Phonlamai Photo

Discussion Questions:

1. How can AI software make project managers more efficient and productive?

Guidance: By conducting more routine tasks with greater speed and accuracy, AI software can help project managers improve overall results while decreasing errors and risk.

2. Will the AI technology render project managers unnecessary or obsolete?

Guidance: Most people believe that AI can be positively leveraged to take away mundane and time consuming data-related functions, while retaining the need for sound leadership and the human touch to guide projects and interface with customers.  New jobs will also be created as project managers hire team members who can oversee the AI aspects of the workplace.


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