Out with the Old, in with the Cloud

October 1, 2017
Out with the Old, in with the Cloud

Article Title: 4 ways your legacy supply chain systems are costing you money

Author of Article: Margaret Harrist

Date of article: September 13, 2017

Source URL: https://www.forbes.com/sites/oracle/2017/09/13/4-ways-your-legacy-supply-chain-systems-are-costing-you-money/#2c437f1c7e72

Legacy supply chain issues include  lack of agility, lack of timely information flow, limited ability to incorporate new technologies, and technology security risks.  Agility requires the supply chain to close the gap between forecasted and actual demand.  Despite the name, a supply chain isn’t linear, it’s a global network, ‘an interconnected web, with the customer in the center.’

Discussion Questions
1. What can be done to improve forecasting accuracy above 90%?

Guidance: The discussion should include qualitative techniques and collaborative forecasting.

2. How can the bullwhip effect be minimized?

Guidance: The discussion can be geared toward understanding the bullwhip effect, and how collaborative forecasting and communication within the channel can minimize the effect.

3. Using the Supply Chain Framework, how can the bullwhip effect be minimized for each of the four strategies?

Guidance: This is a broader discussion to include the technology and information flow requirements for each strategy.


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