Macy’s Handles Complex Logistics with Google Cloud

September 1, 2019
Macy’s Handles Complex Logistics with Google Cloud

Macy’s warehouse management system is powered by a new Google Cloud management and analytics software to address complex logistic issues.

To meet ‘back to school’ and holiday season demands, the cloud-based analytics solutions optimizes the retailer’s supply chain, ensuring efficient shipment of merchandise from a 675,000 square foot warehouse in Columbus, Ohio, to over 200 stores.

Macy’s plans to implement the warehouse management system to service other distribution centers and direct-to-customer orders.

Video Spotlight: Google Cloud Helps DSW Engage Over 28M Shoe Lovers, Real Time

This post is based on the Today’s ECommerce article, Macy’s leverages Google Cloud and Analytics to optimize its Warehousing, by Pulkit Rastogi, August 27, 2019, and the YouTube video Google Cloud Helps DSW Engage Over 28M Shoe Lovers, Real Time, by Google Cloud, January 10, 2019. Image source: Shutterstock / anucha maneechote.

Discussion Questions:

1. What are the operational benefits of Macy’s cloud-based warehouse management system?

Guidance: It optimizes the shipment of merchandise from warehouses to stores to meet back to school and holiday demand, allows Macy’s to stay competitive, and meet customer demands.

2. How does Macy’s cloud-based warehouse management system influence its business process?

Guidance: The system is a technological innovation based on an advanced Cloud Computing technology using Google’s Cloud Scaling techniques for supply chain optimization.  It helps Macy’s find the best way to manage its warehousing, distribution, and logistics processes.


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