Levi’s, Lasers, and Reduced Lead Time

Levi’s, Lasers, and Reduced Lead Time

Levi’s Project FLX uses lasers to give its jeans the worn-in finish.  The technique is not only faster but also more environmentally responsible as it cuts the finishing time from minutes to seconds and involves less chemical formulations.  As a result, the lead time for decisions on jeans is shortened, which allows for on-demand manufacturing and local production.

This post is based on the Engadget article, Levi’s uses lasers to give your jeans an eco-friendly finish, by Jon Fingas, March 5, 2018. Image sources: kadmy/Getty Images and C Squared Studios/Getty Images.

Discussion Questions

1. What are the strategic implications of Levi’s Project FLX with respect to product design?

Guidance: Reduces finishing time and cost; lower environmental impact because fewer chemicals are used; technological innovation means that lasers replace a previously labor- and time-intensive finishing process.

2. What makes Levi’s Project FLX a technological innovation in jean manufacturing?

Guidance: Laser technology automates the labor intensive “worn-in” finishing process, saving production and lead time.  It also allows custom-designed jeans, on-demand manufacturing and local production.


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