FedEx e-Vans

January 3, 2019
FedEx e-Vans

FedEx is adding 1,000 electric delivery vans to save on fuel and cut down on pollution.

Under pressure from regulators around the world to reduce environmental impacts of their fleet, FedEx is joining other package delivery companies such as UPS and DHL to increase the use of electric vehicles. 

FedEx’s electric vans are manufactured in China.  They have 6,000 pounds of cargo capacity and a driving range of 150 miles.

Video Spotlight: It’s Time for Chanje

This post is based on the Reuters article, FedEx expands fleet to add 1,000 Chanje electric vans, by Arunima Banerjee, November 20, 2018; and the YouTube video, It’s Time for Chanje, by Chanje, August 10, 2017. Image source: Chris Althof.

Discussion Questions:

1. What are the issues facing FedEx in its delivery operations?

Guidance: The issues include environmental concerns due to emission from its trucking fleet, demand from regulators to limit pollution, rising fuel costs, and competitive pressure from other delivery companies to improve sustainability.

2. How does FedEx expect to resolve the issues identified above?

Guidance: By adding 1,000 electric delivery van to its trucking fleet, FedEx expects to reduce emissions in its delivery operations, meet regulators’ demand for limiting pollution, defray rising fuel costs, and remain competitive.


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