Estee Lauder’s Newest Shade: Green

Estee Lauder’s Newest Shade: Green

Estée Lauder is integrating environmental, social and governance (ESG) goals into every aspect of its business operations.  The ESG goals that Estée Lauder plans to achieve by 2025 include responsible sourcing, net zero carbon emissions, green packaging, ingredient transparency, employee safety, social investment and employee engagement.

This post is based on the Duty Free News International article, Estée Lauder announces its 2020-2025 environmental, social and governance goals by Kapila Irland, March 16, 2019. Image source: © McGraw-Hill Education/Stephen Frisch

Discussion Questions:

1. How does Estée Lauder’s business operations contribute to advancing its environmental, social and governance (ESG) goals?

Guidance: By embedding sustainable principles and purpose in every aspects of its business operations, Estée Lauder is set to achieve the following ESG goals by 2025: (1) responsible sourcing of certified sustainable palm oil ingredient; (2) net zero carbon emissions commitment; (3) recyclable, refillable, reusable, recycled or recoverable packaging; (4) online posting of descriptions and purposes of key ingredients; (5) employee training on sustainability and corporate social impact programs; and (6) support of social or environmental causes.

2. Why does Estée Lauder want to build a legacy of responsible corporate citizenship?

Guidance: According to Estée Lauder, the company wants to distinguish itself as a leader in responsible corporate citizenship because that’s what consumers and employees want. Consumers and employees increasingly choose brands and companies that are leaders in sustainability and citizenship in order to partner with businesses in creating a sustainable world.


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